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Frequently Asked Questions

NO - The project Sign-Off procedures must be followed correctly in order to claim the SuperFOIL Approved Installer Programme benefits, including any rebate payment. 

YES - The completed jobs can be as a result of leads supplied through the SuperFOIL Approved Installer Programme or otherwise.

Our leads are arriving into the sales team every day, we are never sure which part of the country they arrive in from, you will receive an email or a phone call as soon as one arrives that is relevant to you.

You have to be a bronze member to receive access to the App.

We will be in contact with a certain percentage of the customers to check if satisfaction levels are high.

You must attend the training day to receive the accreditation to qualify as a Silver Member - The SuperFOIL Approved Installer Programme manager will book you in for the next session and reimburse the rebate amount retrospectively.

No - Unless you go back later and submit the completed pictures and the SuperFOIL team receives great feedback from the customer - In this case an exception could be made.

YES - As long as they attend the next training day.

Ring Boulder HQ to speak to the technical team - you will receive priority being an Approved Installer.

NO - You will only start to qualify after completing the AIP application form.

The tier rebate will be credited at the end of every quarter (End of March for the months Jan/Feb/March)

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